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Well-written text, arranged in a pleasing fashion, on precisely bound pages, in beautiful volumes that sit nicely in hand... without even considering the content, this book is already better than half the books on shelves right now.

— Phyllis Peterson,
Founder and Design Director

Creatively Meticulous Designs

Graphic Design, Book Design, eBooks, Editorial and Print Services

Magnolia Studio provides quality graphics, book design, production services and project coordination for musicians, self-publishing authors, business owners, and publishers. Since 1997 we have offered expert guidance and assistance through all stages of the publishing and printing process — including eBooks and web sites to market these products — enabling our clients to realize their publishing and marketing goals.

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Elemental Ireland front cover Affordable Nutrition front cover Cuando Sali De Cuba (When I Left Cuba) back cover Synchronistic front cover Learn Today, Play Tomorrow front cover Holly's Ukulele Method front cover Grill Power: Second Edition front cover High Tide by Stan Wells CD cover Songs From the Witches Wood cd cover Occidental Fools Day Parade 2011 poster Jin Shin Jyutsu with Linda Campbell brochure front Photosynthesis brochure front Amy Seiwert's Imagery Ballet Program front cover Cultivating Wisdom How To Make Cannabis Cuttings front cover Benovia Winery Mardi Gras Gift Box email flyer Creative Educational Dance flyer Fundraiser for Randy Hull Family Spaghetti Benefit poster number two style Sustainable Nutrition poster Baby Gramps event flyer

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