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Wilderness Perspective ©2011, Daniel Warren Peterson
Wilderness Perspective
©2011, Daniel Warren Peterson
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Our studio is in the heart of the Russian River Valley on the edge of an ancient redwood forest in beautifully abundant Sonoma County, California. Constant contact with these mystical trees and our precious water source encourages us to protect our planet.

Since 1997 we have offered expert guidance and assistance through all stages of the publishing process: quality book design, editorial support, project coordination, and production services, enabling our wide-range of clients — including self-publishing authors, small businesses, musicians, artists with fine art portfolios, and special event production companies — to realize their publishing and marketing goals.

We offer print and online solutions, and overall project coordination for our clients. Whenever possible and practical, we suggest using local companies and resources which are friendly to the planet. We have decades of experience working with writers, artists, local businesses, and printers who prefer to create products that are environmentally-friendly as well as economical.

This long experience sets us apart from other design companies, and makes us uniquely qualified to suggest solutions that meet your needs using cutting-edge technologies, while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. From time to time we have also engaged in five-star brainstorming for unusual projects, with multiple components and various media types.

As founder and design director, Phyllis Peterson, often says to her clients:

"Well-written text, arranged in a pleasing fashion, on precisely bound pages, in beautiful volumes that sit nicely in hand… without even considering the content, this book is already better than half the books on shelves right now."

We're very excited about the possibilities of Ebooks, KindleBooks, interactive PDFs with Flash animations, and other paper-free media, and encourage our clients to use them in conjunction with, or in place of, their print products wherever appropriate. We can produce interactive documents from new manuscripts as well as from previously designed works.

Hours: 8am to 5pm PST
Phone: 707.604.7400