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Holly's Ukulele Method™

Holly's Ukulele Method™
Uke Dawg Productions, Honolulu, Hawai'i

©2015, Holly Rudin-Braschi

UkeDawg logo and drawings by Pete McDonnell —
Music typography, editing and interior design by Charylu Roberts —

Holly's Ukulele Method™ Front Cover
Holly's Ukulele Method™ Front Cover

Working with our unique clients often starts with one project and then erupts into multiple projects at once. This was the second book we helped Holly Rudin-Braschi publish — her first book was Grill Power: Second Edition™. She came to us with a book that had an entire black and white design with music typography, step-by-step fingerpicking photographs, ink illustrations, and cartoon images of the adorable Hawai'ian mascot, Uke Dawgby Pete McDonnell. She also gave us a huge library of gorgeous ukulele photographs to choose a back cover, and of course we went for the most colorful one they had — a tie-dye ukulele!

As so much of modern musicians lives are spent in the digital world, we decided to embed the instructional mp3s for 86 songs into a colorful interactive PDF that could be purchased and downloaded to other media — paperless and portable. Starting with the black and white version we replaced all of the photographs and illustrations with the color originals. We decided to include in the color PDF some useful bookmarks, hyperlinks, and cross-references to allow the ukulele student to navigate easily through the Ebook. The web site designer was given images from the book to provide consistent visual branding for the online Uke Dawg catalog. The downloadable Ebook is available for purchase on the client's web site

This beautiful 188-page, 8.5x11 inch, perfect-bound music manual features a very colorful cover and is available in both black and white or color interior versions. The book includes instructions, photograph samples and FREE downloadable music files for learning and practice. The greatest thing about this music book is that the author included histories and archival images for many of the songs that give the student a better understanding of the song's true origins.

image: Holly's Ukulele Method™ Back Cover
Holly's Ukulele Method™ Back Cover
image: Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 07
Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 7
image: Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 10
Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 10
image: Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 177
Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 177
image: Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 33
Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 33
image: Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 111
Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 111
image: Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 113
Hollys Ukulele Method™ Page 113
image: Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 127
Holly's Ukulele Method™ Page 127
Client Testimonial

July 9, 2015

"Phyllis Peterson did an outstanding job for me while accomplishing the impossible. She simultaneously formatted two very different books: Grill Power: Second Edition™ and Holly’s Ukulele Method™ both as hard-copy and interactive E-books. This was no small feat. Her first challenge was to create Grill Power: Second Edition™ out of incomplete, outdated QuarkXPress files. The first edition that sold 50,000 copies was originally published by QVC Publishing, who gave me the files over ten years ago. Since I never owned the Quark program, I didn’t know that the publisher failed to give me a copy of the cover! Not only did Phyllis do an excellent job reconstructing the cover, she also recreated the interior content and made both cover and interior formatting light-years better than the original. Phyllis also created an interactive full-color EBook version of Grill Power: Second Edition™ that will get any E-cookbook user inspired to heat up their grill and try my recipes!

"Holly’s Ukulele Method™ was 10 years in the making. My wonderful music editor, Charylu Roberts ( started the publishing process by formatting and editing the music and did the initial content formatting. Phyllis then took over and turned the book into magic. She created a cover that is so engaging, people who have never played the ukulele are inspired to purchase an instrument and start playing. She enhanced the interior of the hard-copy book and then created a full-color Ebook that simply rocks the house. She embedded all 86 instructional MP3s with each musical exercise and song, making the Ebook extremely user-friendly.

"Through our 2-year business relationship, Phyllis was a dream to work with. She always had a positive, can-do attitude, an infinite well of patience, had great ideas to improve both books, a discerning eye for detail, did great editing of the material and always delivered on time or before. I would highly recommend Phyllis to anyone considering self-publishing."

Holly Rudin-Braschi, Master of Music, Manhattan School of Music, NYC
Culinary Instructor, Author, and Journalist — President of Uke Dawg Productions