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Abuse Antidote Publications, Sonoma County, California

©2019, Abuse Antidote Publications

Written by Marta May

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I assisted Marta with editing and designing her first two books in 2013 — For the Love of Benjamine and Cuando Salie de Cuba (When I Left Cuba) — and together with expert web site coding by Muiz Brinkerhoff of, we built a customized site to help her connect and reach out to abused families within her local community.

We set up a Blog, created a page of extensive family related Resources with contact information, provided a method for confidential communications with abused citizens, and configured a Books page shopping cart where site visitors can purchase her novels via PayPal. Finally, we added her newest book, Lost in the Valley of the Apples to the web site.

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Reasons For Leaving Page
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Blog Page
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Client Testimonial

February 23, 2021

"Phyllis and Muiz Brinkerhoff helped me not only publish my books, but design my web page and make it functional. They are a great team.

"Without Phyllis, my books would remain unpublished. She is the absolute best at editing and putting my writing into a book format, as well as following through until the actual books are delivered to my front door.

"Phyllis has become a trusted advisor and friend."

Marta MayAuthor/Advocate