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Charles Fahlen Estate, Guerneville, CA

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During the twelve years my studio was located on the Russian River we became good friends with our neighbor, Noelle Fahlen. One day, while walking our elderly dogs, she mentioned that she had a huge collection of slides documenting the decades-long artistic career of her world-renowned, late husband Charles Fahlen. The slides had recently been digitized in high resolution, and she and her children wanted a website that would be both a posthumous tribute to his seminal creativity, as well as a publicly accessible online resource for galleries, art critics, students.

As we discussed how to turn her treasure into a wonderfully beautiful web site, it became clear that we could offer to save the estate a significant amount of money, by utilizing her intimate knowledge of the artwork, the chronology for each image, and her computer skills. Noelle loved the idea of a collaboration, and hired Magnolia Studio and Muiz Brinkerhoff of to do the design and coding for what became a massive web site, which showcases more than 300 images of her husband's scuplture and other artwork. She took full responsibility for the image production — making any necessary cropping and color corrections, and creating display- and thumbnail-size copies for each image. She also tackled the very time consuming task of entering informative and chronological details about each piece.

This collaboration resulted in a stunning web site, with gallery pages for each decade of her husband Charles' body of work. Getting so much accurate, hands-on assistance from a client is extremely rare, and without her tireless help, the website would have taken Magnolia Studio several months longer to complete, and would have been that much more expensive.

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Artworks Page
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Biography Page
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Selected Reviews and Essays Page

Client Testimonial

February 4, 2014

"What a pleasure it has been to work with Phyllis Peterson of Magnolia Studio on the creation of a website. It was a challenge to elegantly present forty years of artwork representing my husband’s life-long career. Phyllis took on the task with enthusiasm, while being forthright that creating a website with slide shows in multiple galleries, and to organize the images into multiple galleries for Sculpture, Works on Paper, and Public Works would be a first for her.

"The website went up in six months and throughout this project I saw that it was in capable hands. I enjoyed our pleasant, collaborative weekly meetings and appreciated her dedication, organization skills and the efficient use of time. With attention to detail, she proofread, checked and tested each entry, solving problems with determination. I appreciate that she allowed me to play a part in organizing and preparing digital images to save on her time and thus lower the cost for me.

"I recommend Magnolia Studio highly and plan to continue to work with Phyllis and the studio."

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