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TJ Johnson-Kea — Branding

TJ Johnson-Kea

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image: TJ Johnson-Kea Workshop Folder
TJ Johnson-Kea
Workshop Folder

While developing a client's product and helping to fine-tune their appearance to the world, I am often delighted to discover that I have a new friend. As a single mother, TJ has the tenacity that it takes to thrive and she's dedicated to an independent future. It has been my honor to help her achieve that goal.

TJ found me via a referral from another client — AndE Adamson (see Synchronistic: The Book) — that she met in an online writing class. AndE recommended that she work with me as an editor and we began our collaboration on her memoir.

In addition to editorial support, she needed proofreading and a unique design for her self-published book. Our discussions and brainstorming led to the realization that to market herself as a successful motivational speaker she needed branding. [ … Read More ]

Together we created a logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, workshop and lecture signage, as well as promotional flyers. Once we produced this array of print products she realized how much simpler it would be to market and advertise herself and her vision online.

TJ and I selected the necessary elements for her own web site and with expert assistance from Muiz Brinkerhoff of we designed the web site.

TJ is now on her way to the independent future of her dreams. You Go Girl! [ Read Less ]

image: TJ Johnson-Kea Business Card Front
TJ Johnson-Kea
Business Card
image: TJ Johnson-Kea Promo Flyer
TJ Johnson-Kea
Promo Flyer
image: TJ Johnson-Kea Workshop Poster
TJ Johnson-Kea
Workshop Poster
Client Testimonial

September 24, 2020

"Since 2015, Phyllis has worked with me on various projects. Not only is she assisting me with my first book manuscript but she also helped me with the branding of my company. She doesn’t believe in constricting what you envision as an entrepreneur. She understands the importance of getting an idea out of your head and onto paper. She understands the importance of allowing you to expand and constrict a visual idea in your mind, before confirming the final book cover or a website design or a company logo. She understands that it may take you a week to present a final template design for a business card.

"As a business owner herself Phyllis understands the frustrations entrepreneurs face. Whether you’re a solopreneur rebuilding a business or a local rock band, if you need to rethink a business idea or concept she will listen and offer suggestions to ensure your goals expand in a positive direction. Phyllis is patient and takes the time to listen to you because she is aware that everyone works at a different pace. She takes the time to know how you think in order to know how you work. If, you are looking for someone that will always be honest and not sugarcoat anything, Phyllis is a good fit your business goals. But she will offer suggestions to ensure you’re not making important decisions on a whim that may result in wasteful spending."

TJ Johnson-KeaAuthor and President of Your Tenacity