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Affordable Nutrition — Textbook

Affordable Nutrition: Second Edition
Bauman College, Berkeley, California

©2019, Jessica Bauman and Dr. Ed Bauman
PHOTOGRAPHER: Christine Bauman, B.S.

Affordable Nutrition: Second Edition Cover
Affordable Nutrition: Second Edition Cover

This project was a challenge as it combined many elements of design and aesthetics to produce a workbook that is useful and beautiful. The first edition of this workbook was created in 2010 with Jessica Bauman the author, and Chris Bauman the photographer, using articles and nutritional content from Bauman College.

There were many different design elements required to present the material including sidebars, tables and charts, image/caption matrixes, worksheets with write-on lines, and cookbook recipes. In the second edition we updated the materials, included color photograph collages, added a new Conclusion and Epilogue and designed a gorgeous new cover with Chris' photograph.

What once was a static workbook is now available as an incredibly useful Ebook with internal bookmarks, interactive Table of Contents and Recipe Index, and hyperlink URLs to external websites for further research. This Ebook can be used on desktops, tablets, iPads and smart phones.

This volume was printed as a 228-page, 8.5x11 inch, perfect-bound volume and can be purchased here: Buy The Book Here!

image: Affordable Nutrition Title Page
Affordable Nutrition
Title Page
image: Affordable Nutrition Table of Contents
Affordable Nutrition
Table of Contents
image: Affordable Nutrition Introduction
Affordable Nutrition
image: Affordable Nutrition Chapter Opener
Affordable Nutrition
Chapter Opener
image: Affordable Nutrition Portion Comparison Key
Affordable Nutrition
Portion Comparison
image: Affordable Nutrition Portion Size Comparison
Affordable Nutrition
Portion Size
image: Affordable Nutrition Portion Distortion
Affordable Nutrition
Portion Distortion
image: Affordable Nutrition Exercise & Fast Foods
Affordable Nutrition
Exercise/Fast Foods
image: Affordable Nutrition Meal Planning Worksheet
Affordable Nutrition
Meal Planning
image: Affordable Nutrition Index
Affordable Nutrition
image: Affordable Nutrition Glossary
Affordable Nutrition

Client Testimonials

May 10, 2010

"I would like to thank the woman behind this beautiful layout and book design, Phyllis Peterson. I have never worked with anyone who is more organized, more dedicated and yet, utterly a pleasure to work with. She has turned my simple words into a beautiful book. As both my co-worker and certainly my friend, thank you for putting this together. I’ve enjoyed it immensely."

Jessica Bauman, B.S.
Bauman College Community Outreach Administrator

October 7, 2020

"When it comes to creating books of utmost value and integrity, Phyllis Peterson, my book designer, editor, collaborator and innovator, has worked closely with me and my co-authors to produce timeless books that are intelligent and artistic, with highlighted text, charts, tables, photos and other features in both print and interacitve E-Book formats.

"Phyllis has been my editor and book designer for nearly two decades. What I love about her is her passionate embrace of the content we are communicating to our audience. Her work on our Bauman College catalogs and textbooks was very professional and appropriate for a college curriculum.

"Her design philosophy is inspired and creative as well as meticulously attentive to detail and not limited to her personal preferences. Her interactive approach with writers and editors results in engaging graphics and design layouts that are completely appropriate to the subject matter rather than mere "cookie cutter" repetitions or "one-size-fits-all" solutions.

"She is a professional of the highest order, extremely organized, efficient in her work process, thoughtful, creative, and tech-savvy. She is holistic, integrative and radical in bringing technical information to life and is a delight to work with.

"Titles she has designed for us include:

  • Nutrition Essentials for Everyone E-Book
  • Spice for Life: Self-Healing Recipes, Remedies and Research
  • Affordable Nutrition (2010 & 2019)
  • KIDZ Culinary Academy Cookbook
  • KIDZ Culinary Academy Training Manual
  • Nutrition Educator Handbook
  • Nutrition Consultant Handbook
  • Natural Chef Handbook

"I will most certainly work with her on future Bauman Wellness projects to enable us to live well during this time of cataclysmic transformation."

Ed Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D.
Founder and President, Bauman College and Bauman Wellness